Senator puts hold on lead bill

Senator puts hold on lead bill, says Flint doesn’t need fed aid

Now we know firsthand what it was that Governor Rick Snyder was thinking.


He is incapable of thinking, too much lost “Brain Tissue!”

The residents of the city of nearly 100,000 were exposed to lead poisoning when the city switched water sources in a bid to save money. Lead poisoning can destroy brain tissue and cause irreversible developmental problems in children.

03/05/16 10:21 AM

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By Phil Helsel

Watch crews dig up lead service lines in Flint Crews began digging up lead service lines on Friday, March 4 amid Flint’s water crisis.

He accused lawmakers of “political grandstanding”.

The city of Flint, Michigan, has kicked off a $55 million program to replace lead-contaminated pipes in the city’s water system.

Lee said Friday he is holding up bipartisan legislation to address the water crisis in Flint

because Michigan’s Republican governor has not asked for federal help and the state does not need it.

The city had stopped purchasing Lake Huron water from Detroit to save money.

The corrosive river water scraped away lead from aging pipes that tainted water in some homes and schools,

and has been blamed for elevated lead levels in some children’s bloodstreams.

The DEQ has acknowledged that its staffers who worked with Flint misread federal regulations created to prevent lead and copper pollution of drinking water supplies.

A doctor and a Flint mother will receive a courage award from a prominent literary group for their work in exposing the lead contamination in the MI city’s water.

In a section of the report headed “observations”, the auditors said

“we became aware of many instances in which sole reliance on the LCR may not serve the best interest of MI citizens”,

and that improvements to Michigan’s Safe Drinking Water Act may also be in order.

The audit says the rules may not be strong enough.

Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha and LeeAnne Walters will be awarded the Freedom of Expression Courage Award from PEN America on May 16.

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