Powwow blanket present to Creator

Welcome Jordan Village Connecticut


From one of my old stomping grounds while visiting our elders, now our ancestors.


A notice to all of my friends and followers,

this will be a two-part posting and you will see why.

Part #1

Without naming names or giving ‘Sacred information,’ to all of those phony Indians around this person’s town,

I am a teacher of our culture, so after a battle with my mind, against what my ancestors would want, I lost again and will write this post, because, I must teach.

This persons just had a grandfather cross (native funeral), and for years he (her grandfather), often spoke, with a twinkle in his eyes, about a ‘Blanket Ceremony’ for his wife, her grandmother.

This is a very sad, sacred ceremony, for the family, and only, if requested, and it is about a crossing of a family member.

After a few Emails I noticed the name of her grandfather, I know this family.

Not only do I know this family, I was one of the holders of the Sacred Blanket, along with Shechaim Ohjieshan Zeak (my father) and two WW-2 veterans.

Shechaim Ohjieshan Tallfox (my grandfather) was the leader of our people at this time.

This ceremony, my 1st blanket present ceremony, was for her grandmother,

a WW-2 Veteran (Nurse).

A Sacred Blanket Presenting Ceremony

is a ceremony for family and friends of the deceased, as a way to thanking

Kiehtan (Creator), for the care and blessing received by the deceased for a lifetime.

And for the love and care at Kiehtans side forever.

Actually, it is for the loved ones that are having a problem still missing this loved one.

Because the post is a long posting, even for me,


To be continued.

Part Number Two to follow soon.