A Sacred Blanket Presenting Ceremony

Part #2

continued from Powwow present to Creator.

Part # 1

A Sacred Blanket Presenting Ceremony.

This ceremony has a lot of information that, No, New Age Indian, so-called

“Traditional Eastern Woodland Native American,”

does not and will never have, unless they are from a real

(Traditional Eastern Woodland Native American Ancestor)!

I write this post in hopes that there are still elders in the New England, New York area, able and willing to help this good traditional native family?

Mind you, her family now knows what to expect from a Medicine person in charge of overlooking the ceremony.

A Sacred Blanket Presenting Ceremony is a ceremony for family and friends of the deceased,

as a way to thank Kiehtan (Creator), for the care and blessing received by the deceased for a lifetime.

The ceremony was in a very large field, or was a large field back in the late 1950’s, in Jordan Village Waterford Connecticut.

Welcome Jordan Village Connecticut


Because this family is a members of our people

and both of her grandparents were WW-2 Veterans.

The field, and the town was full of veterans that day and also our clan members,

all clans.

I am writing this post because I have already corrected her memory

(with great finesse),

not wanting to hurt her, her family, the ancestors and for sure Kiehtan,

and so I explained the ceremony to her and received permission to write the post.

No names because she does not want, her two children, grandchild and herself pestered for information from,

you know who.

A very important correction is that it is not a powwow; it is a Sacred Paw-paus.

It is the ”Old Style Paw-paus.”

So very little of this ceremony resembles

a ‘New Age Powwow’

of the last 20 or so years.

If you met this family, you would know right off that he

(her grandfather),

has blood, stubborn as they come.

Not that we are all stubborn?


Both husband and wife

(Grandmother and Grandfather),

were wounded veterans,

they met in a hospital overseas,

I believe in a town in France.

Remember, I was only 13 at this time.

This is important because of the lineup to entry in the ‘East’.

Her grandfather would be right behind the blanket, with two veterans to push his wheelchair, two more veterans left and right front.

Her grandfather wanted to walk the circle, and sit out in the west at the Sacred Fire with the rest of the ceremony.

Shechaim Ohjieshan Tallfox ‘cut him some slack,

and just assigned two veterans to follow pushing the wheelchair.

Yes, the two veterans were needed.

Note to any and all elders of this age period about this (Paw-paus).

And with the knowledge and blessings from your Creator,

if at all possible, please help?

Remember, if your mind, like mine, slips now and again, I am here to help.

I have the notes written from,

Head Clan Mother from my grandfathers counsel,

Elder,(Silk Women),

to help even my poor little mind.



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    • Thank-you Gypsy Bev
      I try to do the best for the ancestors and the neglected sisters and brothers left in the dust to fend for themselves by modern progress.
      I wish that I could write a couple of books, with a little help from an English teacher, on the teaching of the elders, while including even the (Sacred), for people like you. Alas, if I did, these books would come into contact with and make it possible to be inundated with thousands of phony medicine men and women and our culture would completely disappear.


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