Father of the Morning/Sons of the Dawn

Father of the Morning/Sons of the Dawn

You just got to (must) love the politicians and their play on words.

“Morning in America,”

was just changed to

“Father of the Morning!”


“Children of the Dawn,”

would be more like


Father of the Morning, destroyed the Middle-Class, while ending the unions

(your jobs and benefits),

the Working-Class,

and the

Small-Business owners.

Because he (Father of the Morning),

opened up outsourcing, so that Your Work, Your Jobs, and Your Quality Product Materials (resources, equipment, and supplies),

are shipped to, what was at the time, 3rd world countries, and are bigger and better than your country,

while threatening to annihilate this, your country,

(China for one)!

Poor to Useless Products are shipped back to this countries (Big Businesses)

while they, (big business),

double to triple the price and sell it to you the consumer,

that is now out of work, working two to three, (No Benefits Jobs),

or living in the streets of this

(Your Country)!

Father of the Morning also raised taxes,

while saying that he would lower taxes,

to build a Massive Second World War Type Military,

proven useless in modern warfare.

Whiles ignoring our infrastructure (railroads, roadways, bridges, waterways and such), build back in the 50’s by then President Dwight David “Ike” Eisenhower!

Morning in America the 2nd and the 3rd,

put this country into the pickle we are in today.

Three, never-ending war that proved that Massive Military was all but useless, except for Tank-Warfare

and then the tanks bogged down in sand!

And they both left their messy war to the next president to clean up?

Now being overlord,

by a

‘Do Nothing Congress,’

including three

establishment senators,

(Senator Ted Cruz, Senator Bernie Sanders and Senator Marco Rubio)!

The so-called, Sons of the Dawn,

want to keep destroying our Air, Land and Waters,

by drilling for more oil, coal and gas,

while building larger dangerous Nuclear Power Plants


putting a lot more of your hard-earned, taxes

into their pockets?

Is this really, what we want for our

children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren

and also

for this generation for that matter?

Ronald Reagan; campaigned on the notion that it was a,

“Morning in America,”


Ronald Reagan created the modern Republican Party,

so obviously President Bush the 2nd,

is a legatee of Reagan’s is closer, style, and even in ideology to

Reagan than to his father.

Reagan & Bush, Father & Son


“If we were going for the truth,

it would be more like

Great-grandfather, grandfather, father, now sons.”

Did any of this finally,

‘Dawn on You the Voters?”


4 thoughts on “Father of the Morning/Sons of the Dawn

  1. I agree with your poem in its entirety, except for one question–what is that about Sen. Bernie Sanders destroying our Mother Earth? That I did not know…is that true? It is a very sad world…we could all together, peacefully in harmony. There is enough food and water for all—but too many people are listening to the Wolf of Greed.
    Blessings to you, Sachem!


    • Welcome Johann
      That post is not a poem; it is speaking to Senator Marco Rubio of Florida (my state).
      His new ad is calling his old president Father of the Morning, himself and the Tea Party the Sons of the Dawn.
      Independent, Socialist, Democrat, while the mayor of Vermont, shipped, with the permission of then governor George W. Bush, all of Vermont’s Nuclear Waste by railroad to a small indigenous town in western Texas.
      Blessings from Creator back to you my friend.


  2. Good morning my friend. You really should add the do-nothing Gentleman from Kentucky, Mitch McConnell, to your list. His pockets are well lined with money he didn’t get by working for we, the people. And since I’m afraid to eat food that has been processed in China, so that lets out most of the food on the grocery shelves, but more importantly for me, in the fish and seafood section. So disappointing to pick up a package of my favorite seafood and find that while it is indeed wild caught in Alaska, it is then sent to China for processing. Good thing I like our own catfish, even if it’s not as heart-healthy as salmon. Really good post today. Taw-but-ni,


    • Welcome Kentucky Angel, you and we know that your Mitch McConnell, is one of many, scourge of the earth, that we must dump from congress.
      My friend, ever check to see what Catfish, Lobsters and Crayfish eat?
      Still, better then eating anything from China!


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