Moorhead Minnesota

I have only been to your state a few times

and with little time at that,

on our way to a gathering up north

or out west of you, sorry.

However, I would like to address

(Rituals) in our East Coast Tribes?

Welcome Moorhead Minnesota

“True Traditional Native Americans

east of the Mississippi river,”

Do not have ‘Rituals’ we have ceremonies?

The different is the

Following of different Gods!

“We follow Kiehtan the ‘Supreme Being (Creator)!”

To a few of our postings with two questions burials

Native American Burial Practices

Native American burial rituals

I am not sure about the native people in your state however,

you came to our posting, this is a little information

about our culture and those ceremonies.

American Indian burial prayer

Indian ritual graveside prayer

Traditional Native American (Indian ) Burial Information

A Native American (Indian) Soaugi (Funeral)