Uncas Towers (New York City)

My people are going to rename Trump Tower in (New York City).


My family has lived in Uncasvillage long before Trumps building was built

and I have been around the area long before Trump bought the building.


The Republican front-runner promised that he would reverse Obama’s decision if elected president.

Restoring the mountain’s name to Denali, he said,

was a “great insult to Ohio,”

because former President William McKinley was born there.

To be clear, Denali is located in Alaska,

about 3,000 miles away from Ohio.

Uncasvillage is a lot closer to New York City

then Denali is from President McKinley’s grave?

So, what’s the problem?

Denali is Native American and Trump is not.


My people are Native America’s and Trump is not.


A Building for a Mountain?

And I am not going to give him back any beads!



Because Donald Trump is the real “Indian Giver!”