Native American Mourning Prayer

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American Indian burial prayer

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Native American Mourning Prayer


Before we dig into this, you need to know that there is a lot more to our Soaugi (funeral) then a prayer.

First, we look on the time as a

“Crossing to be with Kiehtan (Creator).”

Our ‘prayer’ is our way of asking Kiehtan to except this person with the same kindness and love Kiehtan had shown in life.

We gather around the family with a quit peaceful meal because, after all, the family will miss that family member.

However, we then spend the rest of the week celebrating the return to Kiehtans side.

In times before so many changes in this governments laws, back before the 1980’s, it lasted much longer than a week.

That person or persons and the family will never be alone.

This tribe allows any non-native side of the family to hold their funeral service before we hold ours, this is a good time to gather with all of the family, that side of the family is also offered a chance to be with us at our Crossing Ceremony, the choice is theirs.