You need to know a Florida Politician, ask a Floridian

If you needed information about your

upcoming Heart Transplant,

would you go to your local market and ask a Meat Cutter?

Well then,

If you need information about Florida, ask a Floridian.

If you need information about a certain group of people, like for instance Marco Rubio’s answers about Puerto Rico,

ask a Puerto Rican.

Or even better yet, why not ask a Florida Puerto Rican?

Marco Rubio, a Cuban,

did nothing for Floridian Women,

Does not like Mexicans,

and mistreated Florida Puerto Rican

and Puerto Rico,

Not so sure about Cuba,

and wants to dump the immigrants out of the country,

so who does he like?

A thank you to my friend and doctor, Dr. Rex!

RUBIO failed to offer the complete truth ….

” Section 27 of the Merchant Marine Act of 1920, aka the Jones Act. Every year, this law alone costs the people of Puerto Rico over $6 billion.

Over the past 96 years, the Jones Act has cost Puerto Rico over $570 billion…nearly eight times the island’s current debt of $72 billion.”

Marco Rubio receives money from hedge funds, then opposes Chapter 9 bankruptcy for Puerto Rico

Last night, during the GOP Presidential Debate on CNN, Sen. Marco Rubio was asked about bankruptcy protection for Puerto Rico. Without batting an eye, Rubio declared that Puerto Rico “must get its act together,” lectured about “fiscal responsibility” and “economic growth,” then opposed Chapter 9 bankruptcy relief for the island.

What Rubio failed to mention, was that he has received campaign donations from the same hedge funds that own Puerto Rico’s debt, and are opposing any Chapter 9 relief for Puerto Rico. Here is a video of Rubio’s speech.