Marco Rubio’s new 2016 ad, on foreign policy

Rubio super PAC launches fresh attacks on Trump

By Eliza Collins 02/26/16

Marco Rubio has only been a senator since 2011,

how can he have a background in foreign relations?

Oh, Wait!

From the first day, January 2011,

Marco Rubio has been traveling around this country,

the United States of America,

getting ready for a presidential run,

while missing half of his Senate vote’s.

So he actually believers that anything outside of Florida,

is gathering experience in foreign relations!

The super PAC supporting Marco Rubio is out with two new ads hitting Donald Trump on Friday, as it seeks to capitalize on the Florida senator’s strong debate performance on Thursday night.

One ad from Conservative Solutions PAC titled “Knows Nothing” hits Trump on comments he’s made about foreign policy.

“Marco Rubio is a recognized foreign policy expert and Donald Trump praises Putin. Does not know what our nuclear weapons triad is. Says he’ll be neutral between Israel and its enemies,” the ad says. “Trump claims he knows about China because there is a Chinese bank in one of his buildings. In today’s world we can’t have a president who knows nothing about foreign policy.”

The other ad called “Fools” uses a Trump quote from his victory speech following a win Nevada — “I love the poorly educated” — in an attempt to show the businessman as a shameless profiteer.

“That’s really what Donald Trump is all about,” a narrator says. “He thinks we’re fools. Trump uses sleazy bankruptcy laws to avoid paying workers; he bans disabled veterans from his high-rise. He even tried to use eminent domain to kick a widow from her home. Donald Trump puts himself first and we last.”

“I love the poorly educated,” Trump is quoted saying again.