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Revelation 21:6-7 NKJV

If that doesn’t scare the evil spirits (BEJESUS) out of the most harden political adversary, nothing in the universe will ever do so, there is no hope for this country.



For the first 4 years of Rick Scott’s control over Florida, Florida was up For-Sale to the highest bidder, this last 4 years of his control of Florida, Florida is For-Sale, “Make an Offer!”

And what is this baloney about not one of the republican candidates running, have handed in their tax returns and are allowed to just keep procrastinating as to when, if ever, they do turn the returns in?

Washington Post puts Rick Scott on Trump VP short list

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Whom would Donald Trump pick to be his vice president?

Florida governor Rick Scott is being touted as a viable option, according to the Washington Post’s short list of potential VP candidates.

The column, posted Tuesday, cites Scott for his experience in the private sector as a health care executive. In addition to the Florida governor, the list includes Carly Fiorina and Sarah Palin, among others.

For the full report, go to the Washington Post.

The Washington Post has begun to speculate about Donald Trump’s possible choice for vice-president.

The Washington Post has begun to speculate about Donald Trump’s possible choice for vice-president.

Word on the street is that Marco Rubio and Donald Trump haven’t been nearly as mean to each other as they have to Ted Cruz because of a supposed “backroom deal” that would make Rubio Trump’s go-to vice-president choice.

However, Washington Post writer Chris Cillizza isn’t convinced of the truth of this rumor or that Rubio would be Trump’s first choice for running mate. Chris threw out the name of Sarah Palin as a potential choice for vice-president. He admits it would “be risky” on the part of Trump. A less polarizing option would probably be businesswoman Carly Fiorina, who’s already dropped out of contention for the White House.

One name brought up by Cillizza stood out among his selections as what some consider being the most probable aside From Marco Rubio: Rick Scott, the Republican governor of Florida.

Writes Cillizza:

“Scott, like Trump, has his roots in the private sector — making millions as a health-care executive before he ran for office in 2010. And Scott got into the governor’s mansion by beating the Florida Republican establishment at its own game — sort of like Trump has done in this race.”

Such a possibility is hugely significant. First, it would make Rick Scott the state-level version of what Donald Trump aspires to be. Minus the celebrity. It would also give Trump an inside track to working with an outsider businessman who has the experience of beating the Republican establishment and winning an election.

Also significant? Scott has had nice things to say about Trump in the past. On Donald’s message, Rick commented, “I think [Trump] is capturing the frustration of many Americans after seven years of President Obama’s very intentional government takeover of the U.S. economy.”

If there’s anything Trump likes as much as himself, it’s people who’ve said good things about him. Such an endorsement could put Rick Scott in an ideal position for a vice-president pick. Rick Scott’s kind words for the current GOP frontrunner are highly significant as he’s avoided giving any such endorsement to former Florida governor Jeb Bush or current Florida Senator Marco Rubio.

With Florida’s primary coming on March 15th, there are those who are looking for him to make an eventual endorsement. Scott instead shared that he wasn’t sure if one would be coming.

As for the vice-presidency, some are wondering if Rick has already communicated with Donald about the position. According to USA Today affiliate Tallahassee Democrat, if Rick has heard things, he’s not telling. The Florida governor reportedly shrugged off questions asking about the possibility of being a vice-president pick.

“I’m focused on this job,” said Scott. “I’ve got three more years in this job. “I’ve been very clear the things that are important to me, the things that we’ve done here.”

He would only say about the presidency that Americans need a president with “a very specific plan on how we’re going to get jobs going” and ” somebody who’s going to be absolutely focused on destroying ISIS.” While these are very specific demands, it’s worth noting that this comment does not single out any specific Republican presidential candidate as most likely to meet these needs.


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