Senator Marco Rubio/Colt 45

Where was ‘Mr. No Show,’ Senator Marco Rubio, while Governor Rick Scott was spending millions of the Floridian’s Tax Dollars, flying around the country, trying and failing to bring companies to Florida?

Scott did not get the ‘millions of Taxpayers Money’, without the approval of the congress of Florida?

Wait a minute, was Marco even there to vote?

50/50 chance he was or was not!

A few, like Colt Firearms came because,

like Colt they were gifted land and a building to build

a minimum paying jobs,

no benefits

and part-time work,

except for Colt which did not come.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio, I must say this to remind my readers that he is one of our two senators from Florida, representing our interest, or at least should be, in the congress of the United States of America.

Remember the phony deal between our governor and the Colt Manufacturing Company?

Governor Rick Scott gave some choice Florida land to the Colt Manufacturing Company a couple of years ago.

And did so for next to nothing, while Florida built a building for making and selling Colt weapons.

Scott announces a gun manufacturer will bring more jobs to Florida

By Lloyd Dunkelberger , Herald-Tribune Thursday, December 1, 2011

Osceola County agreed to renovate the aging facility for Colt, including the installation of a new HVAC and ventilation system for an indoor shooting range.  Additionally,

the county would lease the property to Colt’s Manufacturing

for $1/year for the first five years.

The State of Florida agreed to kick in $250,000

from a fund designed for stimulating business development.

Additionally, the state agreed to contribute additional money for workforce training.

Will Colt Abandon Florida Manufacturing Facility?

Aug 15, 2013

At least Governor Jeb Bush had the good sense to drop out of the race; I believe that if push came to shove, I would have voted for Jeb, if he were running against Sanders, the Independent Socialist!