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Looking for information on “Blood, 100% Native and 100% European?

First a question to a question?

While reading scripture (Luke, for just one), you will find that many times the Christian Bible shows Jesus the man and Jesus the deity.

Do the Christians believe their bible is the word of their god?


Blood is blood and just because your, let’s say, native (Maïngan) mother, married a non-native man, do you lose half of your blood while being born, and then that half is replaced by your father’s blood?


However, this government will call you a

“Mixed Breed!”

And cast you aside like a rotten tomato!

This is not the worst thing to happen to you!

Many Reservation Indians will call you a,

“Half Breed!”

As if, you are filth!

Many of your selfish brothers and sisters on reservations will walk on you as if you were just dirt under their feet, this is disgusting and they will answer to Creator.

Until proven wrong, I say that if for instance, if that father was 100% Irish, you would be 100% Irish and 100% Mohiigans (Maïngan) and in titled to everything that this government is now buying those same greedy reservation people.

While living in our village, Uncasvillage, just before casinos in New England, there were many lawsuits against the state and our government about land and the abuse from this government and state while taking our land!

President Ronald Reagan,

while trying to do the right thing for Indians

in 1981

passed the,

Indian Gaming Regulatory Act


This government and states quickly turned it into a moneymaker, at the expense of the majority of traditionalist that lost land!

Now the defendants in each lawsuit were called, “Half Breeds (Mixed Breeds)

and the so-called natives in New England

that signed away the land, became ‘Reservation Indians’!