Kinnick, Kinnick, Smoke 

Kinnick – Kinnick, is a group of herbs gathered from around our area

by a clan mother or clan mothers (called a Medicine Woman).

There are two types of Kinnick – Kinnick from two different tribes.

Both are to give praise to Creator and /or ask a ‘Blessing from Creator’.

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You came to our site looking for Kinnick, Kinnick, Smoke?

So we will be answer from our teaching, hope that you can understand.

Herbs, Kinnick, Kinnick is our Tobacco


Although our people do not have a “Peace Pipe” as in the Plains Indians,

we do use a pipe for friendship.

Friendship Pipe 003

We also have one for “Sacred Ceremonies”

such as, burial, berth, wedding, naming, just to name a few.

The difference I believe would be and I am no expert on other tribes, the other tribes use theirs for peace.

Our pipe is use many times for many reasons.

However, I do know that smoking our Kinnick, Kinnick

would not be an easy thing to get use to.

That said, some tribes call their pipe ceremonies, a smoking of the pipe.

Some of our people do also, because one would draw smoke

into the mouth and out again.

Not needed in our ceremony, one can just kiss or tap the pipe and pass it on.

To explain, if a warrior showed up at a village, round house or long house with a pipe, the ceremony would go something like this.

Sitting around the area and passing the pipe to show a friendly visit.

A tribal leader (Shechaim),

let’s say, with his War chief and Head Clan Mother, with a clan mother carrying a pipe, would go directly to the longhouse for a pipe ceremony (Friendship).