Will smudging harm the good spirits in your home

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Does smudging get rid of good spirits also?



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The quick answer is


As my friends and followers know by now I seldom

stick with the short or quick answer.

A “Good Spirit” as you have stated, has no need or desire to do harm to anyone, so if your ask while in prayer with your Creator, (Supreme Being) this spirit will depart.

Do you really wish to send this spirit packing?

Maybe with a little help from Creator, with or without a “Spiritual Teacher” may be able to help this spirit on the “Crossing Road” to its ancestors?


Does smudging get rid of good spirits also?

My answer is,


I was believing that I covered Smudging, at least for my people, in past websites and blogs however, I was wrong!

As with my (Children of the plains film one more time)! blog,


This question keeps coming up also and it is extremely important!

Smudging does not, get rid of spirits!

Smudging clears and cleans your area of Evil Spirits only, if you falter in your prayers to your Creator for help in having these spirits flee, they will come back.

If you want to also “get rid of other than evil spirits”

just ask them to look elsewhere for the help that they need because you are upset while they are around, they will then leave you alone!

Also to answer another good question this one from

Purchase College state University Purchase New York


smudging good spirits

One can sit were you believe your good spirits may be, smudge and peacefully talk with your spirits however, constantly pray for Creators guidance while at this visit, to be sure that Trickster did not sneak into you visit!



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