the Bill of Rights and the Constitution

One of my faithful followers also asked a question, more like a command.

“I would like a revolt against these everlasting wars that are going on.”

“Either get in there to win or go home.”

Even President George W. Bush and Vice-President Dick Cheney had to tell their republican controlled congress a number of lies.

In order to go into two wars, one to save ‘daddies face.’

The other, to attack the people who actually bombed the

“World Trade Center!”

Then beg their republican controlled congress for money to fight those two wars.

Presidents must get permission from congress,

isn’t this what the republican controlled congress keeps n shouting to their president, President Barrack Obama?

See this is the biggest problem with someone stuck in the rut of a refusal to change political parties,

or at the very least, take a good look at your party’s platform for any changes over the years.

Then the next step would be to find out a few floors, in a question or comment you wish to make.

In this case,

who sends the country to war?

Who has to give the ok by passing a bill for the money to go to war?

And are we at any war now and what needs to be done by our government,

all of our government,

to end any war?

Again, I must remind people who seem to be out of school for far too long, about the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.

8 thoughts on “the Bill of Rights and the Constitution

      • I won’t get into another polical argument with you about this, but no matter who started it, you know who said he’s end it. Who in Congress would vote for war if the president didn’t want it?


      • Guess that you forgot? You came to my site first, puking your venom towards your president!
        You got what you came for!
        Your president does want to go to war, only congress must sent him their permission
        and the money to complete the war!
        They refuse to!
        Three Branches of Government!


      • You need to see both sides of a person. Getting defensive only proves my point. By posting your ideas, you invite discussion and that is what you got. If you want “YES” men to surround you, you should have said so.


      • “Repudiation”
        Mr. Cox
        All of our followers already know that you need a refresher course in U.S.History and her laws.
        Now we all see that you also need a refresher course in our English Language.
        I guess that you did not understand the posting.
        I was picking on two Democrats!
        Not a Republican?
        “Repudiation” – denial of the truth or validity of something. (Bernie Sanders)
        Typical of a died in the woods REPUBLICAN!
        Always running around with their ears pined back, looking to protect those 10% Millionaires and Billionaire!


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