Marco Rubio’s Gay Arrest Scandal

My feeling against Senator Marco Rubio Aside for now!

I truly believe that one’s race, sexuality, religion, and so on, should be

“Off the Table”

when it comes to friendship and such.

What you do in private, is none of my or anyone else’s business.

I believe that all of my followers know and believe this.

I have and hope to keep many friends/followers from anywhere and everywhere.

However, that said,

if Senator Rubio is what you are calling


Wouldn’t it be nice to hear it from the horse’s mouth,

so to speak, and give his

“Proud LGBT” constituents

The support that they need and deserve?

If he is not, come out and say so in plain language?

Bombshell Report:

Marco Rubio’s Gay Arrest Scandal,


Just before Marco Rubio’s 19th birthday, police reports show that a cop was sent to, Alice C. Wainwright Park in Miami, Florida.

Apparently at age 18, he violated the municipal code rules about drinking in a park.

However, the police incident report never mentions alcohol!


Marco was arrested for being in a car after the park’s closing time with his male friend Angel Barrios.

To locals, the park was well-known as a place for homosexuals for cruising.

The Washington Post implies what really happened

(noting the park’s problem with people having sex in the park and the frequency of gay prostitution)

and it’s clear this arrest is something that Marco Rubio would rather not talk about.

According to Angel’s LinkedIn profile, it notes that not only does he own those coin-operated laundry, but also the Barrios Investment Group, which was sued for running a gay pornography studio in a property his company owned.

Decades after his legal run-in with Rubio, Barrios was associated with perhaps the most notorious gay porn ring in Miami history, an Edgewater house full of models with names like “Khali Kreme” and “Sincere Luv” who had sex all day in front of dozens of webcams.


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