Zika Virus great question

Zika Virus great question


I had a number of good comments again today, been so busy that it is taking time to write about them.

This is two of the best.

“If you find out why the natives don’t get this virus,

please let us know.

That is a very interesting question.”

Thank-you Gypsy Bev



“It’s interesting to take note that most of the

“new generation”

of viruses usually come from Africa with monkeys as hosts.”

From a past posting

The Zika Virus from the Forest of Uganda

February 8, 2016 / sachemspeaks

The forest was the home of a few indigenous tribes up until the 1950’s, so one might guess that the concern for an antidote was next to nil, until now.


It is call KARMA!

I, and many other members of the first people of Indian Country,

have been writing about this dying from disease for years.

Missing enzyme in Native Americans


Missing Enzyme


Well in the case of the natives in Zika from the Forest of Uganda, one would tend to think that is is in reverse for a change.

Missing Enzymes in the, “White Folks!”