Helping our Native Americans

Helping our Native Americans

A Native American brought up


This is from another of so many newer generations of people just too lazy to do the work of digging and want someone else to do it for them.

The problem with this is the number of shysters out on the internet willing to take your money and give you faults information.

I want to use this posting as just another teaching tool.

As my friends and followers know, I write to help this generation understand and find their native ancestors.

Not as a professional genealogist, lord knows, I am a professional at nothing.

I can profess to the fact that I made a pest of myself often to my elders at least to be able to remember some of their teaching.

The point of this posting today is to write about the subject of my newest student of our New England Native Family.

As usual, making sure not to embarrass my new friend in any way!

He is in a place, thanks in part, to our government, state and federal and their so-called, casino Indians in the east.

He did not write to me looking for anything and the biggest reason why I wrote back.

In fact, he is correctly stating that his grandfather was a New England Native and sent along photos to prove it.

My job is to not only agree with him, but to show him that not only is his grandfather, grandmother, father, more they likely his mother, his brothers, sisters, and ‘he is’ a Native American.

The first email to me had both of his last names and I know those families.

His photos show his grandmother,

I see that she is native also.

I do not know about his mother however, I do know that

“Blood seeks Blood!”

In other words, we believe that our ancestors spirits living in us, are seeking to line with like ancestors.

I think that the white people call this


This and other email, comments and questions are because, this government trampled over the first people on the east coast so fast, on their way to the west coast, that it just took whatever it wanted from our ancestor

by mob rule!

President Ronald Reagan

tried to make things right back in the 1980’s

with a few good laws and the help of his parties control of congress.

However, if there is a way for a state government to screw the poop,

Connecticut and the rest of New England could find it and they did!

Because the “True Traditional First People of Connecticut would not agree with the disgraceful treaty of the late

1980’s early 1990’s.

Those governments, brushed aside the traditionalists and made their own Indians, gave them some use-less polluted land,

called it a reservation,

called them a nation

and gave them casinos,

with the understanding that if this new nation did not play their game,

no more reservation.

The old traditionalists are still around, still holding monthly meetings, gatherings, powwows and Paw-paus

and trying to keep their ancestors alive for their descendents.