Republican Party attacks on Bernie Sanders

Please remember, not my words, the words of our young voters.

True or Faults?

You be the judge my younger voting friends throughout the country.

As it stands now the Republican Party is, not only not attacking Senator Bernie Sanders, they are trying to help him defeat Hillary Clinton.


Read some, just some, of their collections of

“Poison Dates”

Being prepared for the coming attacks.


The College Republican National Committee is saying just what the republican winner of their party will be saying and, by the way, rightfully saying, in their attacks against Bernie Sanders, if he wins out over Hillary Clinton.

Bernie Sanders Is Making Promises to Young Adults That He Can’t Keep

Bernie Sanders, the socialist senator and Democratic presidential candidate from Vermont, is probably the furthest thing, from an image standpoint, that you could get from Barack Obama.

His disheveled, “Doc” Brown hairdo, rumpled suits and generally out of sorts demeanor make him come across as more of a tenure-track professor than a tried-and-true presidential contender.

But even though he’s unlikely to show up on any Shepard Fairey posters in the near future, Sanders does share a target market with his predecessor:

young adults.

Sanders recently introduced the

“College for All Act,”

which would make four-year public colleges and universities tuition-free, to be paid for by a new tax on financial transactions.

Much like the hope and change that came before it, Sanders’ nice-sounding promise is likely to fizzle out in the face of policy and political reality.

Kevin James writes for US News & World Report:

Sanders framed the need for free public college by saying that,

“in a global economy, when our young people are competing with workers from around the world, we have got to have the best educated workforce possible.

And, that means that we have got to make college affordable.”

While these goals are the right ones,

the reality is that free public college would make it harder to achieve them.

Part of the concern relates to how best to use government funds.

The idea would cost $70 billion per year, more than twice what the federal government spends on Pell grants.

And much of that money would provide a free education to students whose families can already afford it.

But even more important than how much we spend and who we spend it on, we should ask ourselves what impact free public college would have on the delivery system of higher education.

That is, would free college make higher education more efficient, more innovative and higher quality?

The answers are no, no and no.

As James go on to explain, a taxpayer-funded tuition scheme would eliminate choice by pushing out private college competition, it would hamper innovation by giving Washington top-down bureaucratic controls, and it would decrease the quality of a higher education by increasing colleges’ incentives to churn students through the system.

Young adults face real problems and deserve real solutions.

We’ve learned the hard way that the promises of presidential candidates often get lost in the realities of office.

It’s time we stop falling for political tricks and use our enormous political clout to drive real change.

What this group of republicans are not telling you,

my voting friends,

is the facts about Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton has been working for these very same young voters

as far back as when

they were still in diapers and before.


And continues to work for them and the country she loves!

How Gullible Are You?