Poinciana Parkway Update, (Why No bidding)!

Poinciana Parkway Update,

(Why No bidding)!


Why did the contract NOT go out to BID?

All contracts must go out to Bid!


That money spent on this questionable company,

to say the least,

is not your money to waste, it belongs to the taxpayers!

$17,500 to promote Poinciana Parkway


people that has known about it for over 20 years.

It would seem to me that if you

texted or phone the media in Florida,

For Free!

They will flock to your office,

For Free!


Interview the opening of a Road,

For Free!

And save your taxpayers $180,000,

For Free!

The Joke of this century!

If, this was an

“Honest Dealing?”


Why did the contract NOT go out to BID?

TV 9 News interviews Commissioner Brandon Arrington Osceola County

on the Poinciana Parkway about the

(honesty of this deal with B& B Promotions)!

A company owned by one of his fellow commissioners and wife!


As already reported

Poinciana Parkway

February 2, 2016 by sachemspeaks

Just when you thought that, I was complaining too much

about Florida.

Poinciana Access: Parkway Expected to Open for Traffic in 2016


County commissioners did not bid out the contract

with any company.


What about the

four paid employees?

Osceola County’s Public Information Office has

a staff of four employees,

who are trained to write press releases

to let the media

and the public

know when things are happening in the county,

like the opening of Poinciana Parkway.

Commissioners pay them a combined

$336,000 a year

To do What?

Wonder as I am why this and all of the other


Willingly went along with this