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This is going to be pretty much the same answer as my last one, only for a different question.

So, let’s try for a different approach today?

Our people believe in teaching our children from and even, before birth.

I am sure that most of us have had the 1st child unset with the 2nd child taking mommy and daddy away from the 1st?

This is why our Clan Mothers teach our children on how to be an elder teacher to their sibling.

So the short answer to this new question about “Elder Teaching” is,

Everybody becomes a teacher from birth.


Wouldn’t it be nice if, for instance, lets say that your 7-year-old and 5 years old were playing in the front yard and the 5-year-old was walking into the road, the 7-year-old, being the closest and seeing this, ran to the safety of the 5-year-old?

And while walking both back to the family, teaches the 5-year-old why walking into the road was not a good thing to do.

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Native American Elders Teaching


What is an elder?


This question is asked many times out on the internet and when answered by a nonnative about a native elder it is usually the wrong answer.

An elder in a New England tribe is every person older than any other person.

However, when a native talks about older they are speaking about knowledge, a newly adopted 85-year-old cannot become an elder until they pass a 13 moon ceremony, teaching the culture, ceremonies, ancestors and about our people, we were taught to always be an elder to your younger tribal member, because you will always have some past experience that you should share, that said, elders are usually a much older person that has been in Indian country for some time, so you know that you can go to with a questions.

If he or she is a true elder young or old and does not have the answer, they will stay with your question until your answer is found.

Sometimes the truth may be no answer, so say it, there is no answer!

Some of our elders are along side of my blog postings

Teaching Native American respect of elders


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Respect your elders?

When you hear or read about an elder saying that we must get back to the old ways, they are not asking you to do away with anything, just learn how they lived before this extremely fast-moving lifestyle.

Just a short 70 years ago in the land of Uncasvillage, as I was growing up, every person, man, woman or child was the elder of anyone in the tribe younger than they were.

Even a 5 or 6-year-old seeing a child younger about to get in trouble or get hurt would come to the rescue by teaching, why it would be wrong.

One should always teach with a loving heart, not a big stick!

Starting today, stop, sit and listen to an elder speak about life as they were growing up around their elders.

Let us remember all of our elders, native and non natives if not for elders we would not be here.

If not for the teaching of our elders, we would still be living in trees.

Native Americans honor your elders at celebrations.

What a great idea, Respect our elders?

I am pleased to be able to teach as much as possible about my traditional ancestors.

As you may or may not see while traveling around the internet, some teaching about our people will not compute with what the elders taught as the truth, many times often taught by non native people or not from my tribe!

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4 thoughts on “Native American Elders Teaching

  1. All of my ancestors are from east coast native tribes,all are gone.
    I had the good fortune to be raised by my Grandfather {Elmer Joseph Rivers}.
    We spoke when spoken to,we did not interrupt,when elders spoke, and spoke only when he was finished.
    Many times he would speak-and ask something be done-he would say-“this is not a discussion”,I would question “why”-his response was -“that is the way of it”.
    This day (some 55 years later) I understand,and live by his words. A true blessing.


    • ejr1976
      Not sure why, all of your people are ‘Gone’?
      However, there are still many tribes on the East Coast of Indian Country?
      Yes, Rivers is a native name however, the teaching you speak about is a little strange, because it was, is and will always be teaching on the shoulders of our Elders?
      I am well pleased that you are feeling the many blessings from your Creator.
      Aquine my friend
      Shechaim Ohjieshan (Sachem Walkingfox)


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