Political Paradigms

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, March 29, 2010
at the G8 Foreign Ministers Meeting in Ottawa, Canada
Picture credit: U.S. Department of State

Last night just as we sat down for dinner, a news flash made both of us sick to our stomachs. Hillary it was said, had been found to have sent/received email that was classified as Top Secret.

Now as the entire country knows the Iowa Caucus’s are Monday.

Let’s see, break the News at 5 PM on Friday night.

No time to either respond sufficiently, or do any kind of damage control, which is exactly what whoever is behind this in Washington wanted.

This attack mode had been in play against Hillary practically since the second she announced her candidacy, but this latest one is so far below the belt, even by DC standards, it is simply despicable.

Hillary has been attacked, humiliated, crucified, burned at the stake, you name…

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