Native American Shamans in Florida

Sorry my friends, I need to write a book on this one.

Asking about a Native American Shaman, is like asking about



You can have a Horse


you can have a Cow.

So far, scientists have not been successful at being able to cross a

Horse and a Cow and come up with a


In other words you cannot cross a Native American with an Occult

and come up with a


So do not put a Shaman in a

“True Traditional East Coast Native American Gathering!”

That said this is Florida the land of the strange, so one might guess that anything is possible.

We have been in Florida for 16 years and have not found


“True Traditional East Coast Native American Gathering?

I do believe that Florida is an East Coast State.

However, simply put,

Native Americans, the first people of this land, believe and pray to Creator!

A Shaman prays to themselves and/or an inferior god, created by Creator.

So whose god is the true God of the People?

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Native American Shamans in Florida

July 4, 2015 / sachemspeaks

This question about shamans in native tribes keeps coming up often since I started tracking your questions in the middle 1980’s

I have added a new page at the top of our Sachem Speaks blog in order to help explain better the questions most asked out on the internet.




A person regarded as having access to, and influence in, the world of good and evil spirits, especially among some people of northern Asia and North America.

Typically, such people enter a trance state during a ritual, and practice divination and healing.

In other words, one only has to smoke the funny weed to become a Native American Shaman.

Native American shaman teachers in Florida


Native American shaman teachers in Florida

January 1, 2015 / sachemspeaks

This state has to most mixed up native gathering than any other state that I have ever visited in all of my traveling around Indian Country, so why not a Shaman running a powwow

Native American Shamans in Florida


Native/Shamans, is the second, most asked question to this day just below Circle and just above Pow-wow.

Therefore, I will be directing you to a new page of sites of interest for added explanations so as not to lose you and your attention span.

While looking for, Native American Shamans in Florida?

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  1. What you describe could fit any number of drivers in Cadillacs (and similar road boats) in the state. OK, they’re not all Native Americans, but they are obviously in some kind of trance, at least what I remember from visiting. Oh, my …


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