Bernie, we still 3″ branches of our government?


And our

United States Constitution


Why Bernie Sanders’ Misinformed Supreme Court Tweet Matters

Jan 22, 2016 1:41 pm

Remember that Bernie Sanders is, bragging about all of his years in our government,

1981 to 2016

one would think that by now he would know the workings of our government?

The problem with this tweet, however, is that it betrays a serious misunderstanding of how the Supreme Court operates. Unlike a legislature, which is free to take up or ignore particular issues at their leisure, court cases must clear numerous procedural hoops before they are decided, and this is doubly true for the Supreme Court of the United States. In reality, it would be nearly impossible for Sanders’s nominee to ensure that any particular case was “one of their first decisions.”

Nor, apparently, can this tweet be explained as the lapse of whoever was running Sanders’s Twitter feed. Last November, Sanders himself told CNN that “no nominee of mine to the United States Supreme Court will get that job unless he or she is loud and clear that one of their first orders of business will be to overturn Citizens United.”

The two most significant limits on the justices’ ability to set their own schedule are laid out in Article III of the Constitution. That article limits the federal judiciary’s authority to “cases” or “controversies,” a requirement that has long been understood to require that there are


2 thoughts on “Bernie, we still 3″ branches of our government?

  1. His fangs are now out and ready to bite just about anyone …. he is propped up by the far Left who think they can do anything once they’re in power. They are actually attacking Pres. Obama,attacking Obamacare, and since Planned Parethood , LGTB community and Human Rights organizations, SEIU of California, have declared their support for Cinton, Bernie is now attacking these huge organizations, telling ( o CNN ) they are establishment organizations.


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