So, who is really winning the Democratic primary?

I’ll give you a hint?


Well, that’s a better hint they you will get from CNN and its lookalike, FOX NEWS!

Here’s a list of all the states where Hillary Clinton is leading the democratic primary by double digits


By dailynewsbin | January 21, 2016

For all the talk of the close democratic primary races in Iowa and New Hampshire,

there has been almost no discussion in the media about the fact that Hillary Clinton is leading Bernie Sanders by an average of around twenty points nationwide.

Few dare to point out that Clinton has blowout leads in the third and fourth states to vote, for instance,

or that she’s dominating the Super Tuesday docket.

Here’s a full list of the states in which Clinton’s lead is double digits.

In Nevada, the third state to vote, Hillary Clinton’s lead over Bernie Sanders is twenty-three points according to the latest polling data

(source for all polls referenced in this article: Real Clear Politics),

In South Carolina, the first southern state to vote, Clinton leads by forty points.

That leads us to Super Tuesday, where a multitude of states vote on the same day.

Clinton leads in every Super Tuesday state where polls have been conducted.

In Massachusetts, Clinton leads by 29.5%.

In Minnesota, Clinton leads by 18%.

In Oklahoma, Clinton’s lead is 22%.

But that’s far from the complete list.

In Michigan, which votes a week after Super Tuesday, Hillary Clinton leads by 13%.

Another week after that comes North Carolina, where Clinton’s lead is 33%,

and Florida, where her lead is 39%.

So which states is Bernie Sanders leading in?

Other than New Hampshire,

there aren’t any.

CNN has this ‘old geezer throwback’ from the Reagan years that helped Romney lost his election, bad mouthing Hillary at every chance he gets, ever wonder why?

Let’s see why would a republican not want Hillary in the Whitehouse?




2 thoughts on “So, who is really winning the Democratic primary?

  1. Apparently, Bernie Sanders leads in NH and Iowa. And his supporters want us to believe he’s leading in all states, thereby creating a bandwagon effect , that is, the voters’ tendency to vote for the sure winner. I didn’t see California. California will go Hillary. In 20o8, Hillary won over Obama by 12 points. That was when everybody thought Obama would win. Take note that in 2008, almost all blue states voted for Hillary, despite the black solid votes and the left’s solid votes for Obama. But now the Blacks will go for Hillary. Don’t worry. Hillary will win.


    • renxkyoko, if you have ever been to either state you would know why!
      However, the news media, at least the ones we pick up in Florida, are bought and sold by the Super-Pacs as are the government officials, so we only get to see the pros and cons from the republican side of the story!
      CNN and Fox are the most noticeable this year.
      The person I live with is from California, I from Connecticut so we both are extremely angry with this one-sided media!
      We both voted for Bill and Barrack and will be voting for Hillary only because she is the best choice for you, us and our country?


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