Stop driving past a School Bus

An easy cheap fix!


The driver can only see the front of the car or truck and a second of the back.

We must make it hurt more to pass a school bus with children!

This has been a big problem for far too many years and I for one, cannot believe that more

children are not hurt or worse, from those selfish, pig-headed, inconsiderate,

people who should not have a license to drive!

This might be because government officials are also passing school buses?

However, I also believe that the problem has an easy, cheap fix!

If you watch the school bus when the lights start flashing,

the sign comes out from the driver’s side of the bus.


This sign controlled by a switch or should be, and operated by the driver?

If not the switch is about $5 and can be installed easterly.

Mount a camera at the back of the school bus driver’s side, one on the front fender facing backwards and connect the wiring to this switch?

When the sign comes out you now have a video of the registration plate and the make of car or truck from the time it passes the camera’s until out of sight passing the school bus.

One infraction is a $10,000 fine to help pay for the camera’s and installation.

Second, another fine, one year in jail and loss of license and so on!

We need to make it hurt real bad to pass a school bus.

Much better that the hurt or death of a child?

Just ask Dr. Google and see how many years that this has been going on.

The state of Florida is looking for a way to stop thousands of drivers flying past a school bus loading and/or unloading your children.

FDLE: More drivers illegally driving past stopped school buses

. Thursday, Jan. 21, 2016


A new study released by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement shows that more drivers are failing to stop when a school bus stop sign goes up.

The report is based on numbers collected from school bus drivers who watched cars go around their buses.

According to the report, nearly 11,000 vehicles illegally passed school buses in one day.

“The kids are definitely more important than whatever you’re late for or going to,” parent Robin Wells said.

State lawmakers are discussing a bill that would add cameras to the stop signs, and would also add harsher penalties for illegal passing.

FDLE: Nearly 11,000 Drivers Illegally Pass School Buses Each Day

Posted Thursday, January 21st 2016 @ 10am

A new report says more drivers are illegally passing school buses in Florida.

Each year, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement picks a day and tells school bus drivers to count how many times a car passes them illegally.

In just one day, Florida school bus drivers counted almost 11,000 cars passing them illegally.

A bill is making the rounds in the Florida legislature that would increase the penalties for offenders.


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  1. This HAS to stop, but I do think your fines are a little excessive. Not sure why they wouldn’t stop! Maybe a long arm needs to come down similar to a railroad crossing. That would stop them!


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