“TRUE SERVANTS of the People!”

An interesting comment about Bernie verses Hillary

So what’s new?

I enjoy reading comments as long as they

“keep it clean”

and this one did just that,

“kept it clean”

so I hope not to step on any toes?

“Peace my Friend?”

As my followers know, I have a problem explaining myself now and again.

So, your questions and comments are very useful in picking my brain for more input!

Time for another repeat of other older posting on the subject.

“Who to Vote For?”


“Skeletons in our Closets!”

Humans have skeleton in their minds, in their closets, under their beds and so on so remember,

“People in Glass houses should not be throwing stones?”

As the Christians say,

“If we were all perfect,

there would have been no reason

for Jesus to be nailed to the cross?”


If we keep being the Status Quo?

We will always be in the Status Quo!

(Status quo is Latin for existing state).

When people want to maintain the status quo, they are often resistant to progress.

People may resent you for disrupting the status quo.)

Oh Well?

Yes, just about everyone in the world has a skeleton or two hiding in their past.

However, this countries officials have been mass producing (creating) their skeletons since long before this was even a country!

Just ask the first people of the land?

As for keeping an open eye?

My eye’s were opened the first day on the job as a chairman of a political party

(B Independent)

up north many years ago and I have doctors proof that, trying to correct the many wrongs while in the minority, resulted in Cardiomyopathy!

One person cannot pull a horse out of a ditch however a group of people can?

You fill in the blanks!

What I am saying and have been saying for over 50 years now is that,

“We have got to start sometime, somewhere, at getting this our country,

out of the quagmire


‘we the people’ have allowed our leaders to throw us into?”

Constant bickering and nit picking, will not do the trick!

Yes, the Clinton family has skeletons!

“So what, who doesn’t?”

Show me anyone, let alone this someone, stepping up facing the firing line everyday and has been for years, as she has and has been doing this for longer and better than anyone else in the news lately and doing this with little or no help from the voters?


we will also find a skeleton in that persons closet!

Even before becoming the

“First Lady, January 20, 1992 “

She wrote a good healthcare plan for the country.

Her healthcare plan, shot down by a republican controlled congress, was copied by,

“President Bill Clinton 1996 also shot down by a republican congress.

President Barrack Obama, voted against many ways in many forms, by this republican congress!


Governor Mitt Romney a Republican!”

Bernie Sanders was a member of that 1992 Republican Controlled Congress

as an Independent!

Not sure how he voted however, according to his bio in Wiki,

he made many enemies back then?

From President Washington to President Obama, corruption has been getting worse!

If a president has the majority in congress he gets to go to wars and also pass bad laws.

If congress has the majority with a president of another party, they become a

“Do nothing Congress!”

All the time while placing the blame on the alone president!

That, after all is how a cry-baby gets his/her way!

And we the people take the hit!

We as the voting public must stop this one sided no matter what, party-line voting

and being too picky with another human

and instead find a common ground and/or leader?

Vote into office the best of what we are calling the worse,

into the Whitehouse and Congress,

let them know that their job depends on their progress!

And keep dumping them to the street until we can get a

“Government for the people?”

Or as you say

“ A TRUE SERVANTS of the People!”


The more recent Hillary Skeletons that was asked about are, for the most part, garbage being told by the other party to keep you guessing in hopes that you will make the same mistakes and vote them back into

“Control over you and your money!”

Bernie is of this ‘same mole’ as the other party, he is now neck and neck with Hillary because of his agenda,

an agenda that,

like the Donald, he hasn’t even explained to the voters on how we pay for it?

That’s called,

“Sleight of Hand in traveling stage shows?”

Sanders favors policies similar to those of social democratic parties in Europe, particularly those instituted by the Nordic countries

What is it and how do we pay for it Bernie, remembering that Congress is still controlled by the Republican Party!

Ask this president about that feels?