Are U.S. Soldiers Ready fit War ‘Goes Dark’?

The quick answer to this question is


My answer to this no is.

Because this country including our military is still “farming out” (outsourcing) everything that should and must be Made in the USA, including all of our technology and has been for over 30 years and it is now catching up and/or passing us by!

January 13, 2016‘goes-dark’-14897

We send our knowledge and money to communist countries like China to build our products,

who use it for their own gain and also sell it back to us in products

and also sell it to other countries like Iran, North Korea and Russia!

There are even certain technologies upon which the United States has relied that could be equally countered, or even rendered useless, by the modernized militaries of China or Russia.

We started after the 2nd world war by re-building Japan, now our friends

however, we built their factories, infrastructure and gave them money to build plants and sent over plans to make computers and such for our use and the use of our military?

For years now China has been making computers and parts for our military ever since?

Our fighting boats like the one in the news and still in Iranian hands

built in this country by a company in another country?

Ever wonder who is building our helicopters that keep falling out of the sky?

Am guessing?

Who is making, growing, packaging, shipping and selling the food and equipment made to process the food that we eat?

Other countries, that’s who!

Who is selling the most cars and trucks in this country?

Other countries.

Who is making the parts for our cars and trucks?

Other countries!

We, the citizens in this country, still believe that we can hide in a ‘bathtub’ from an enemy while our military is fighting,

not knowing

#1- the enemy can see your house from space and destroy it if or when it wants to!

#2- Congress is, has been and will continue to,

cut money from our military and hand it over to the highest bidder

(one of their Super-Pac’s)!

This is why I keep trying to find that

“one golden key”

that will wake this country up from the ‘status quo’


dump the bums in our political arena

for people that are proven

“Workers for the people”

not instead of the people?