What is Shamanism?

Welcome Barrington Rhode Island

See you came right to the site?

What is Shamanism?


You are right up there with a number of my old friends, brothers and sisters.

This site, of many we write about, is pretty self-explanatory however, it is always good to answer questions like yours and rattle a few cages of the New Age Casino Indians now up in the New England Area!


There never has been, should not now be and never should be an ‘occult ceremony’ in (ANY) Native American Woodland New England Tribe even if this tribe now bows down to the man and changes to their (Nation) with by-laws and such!

That would be like putting a very hungry “Great White” in your saltwater pool with hundreds of screaming children splashing around?

The Great White will always eat the children and the occult will always contaminate the young learning Native Americans!

Silly me, I retired and moved out of the area for that very reason and into a cesspool in Florida!