Naming ceremonies

I almost allowed this one to slip on past to the next person except for 3 reasons that were sticking out at me?

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Naming Ceremony Protocol


While looking for

Native American Naming ceremonies

First the spelling?

The miss spelled word could be a school child, I will always answer a student.

A Native of this Land.

Many of us are a little dyslexia’s at times (problems with your tongue) and must constantly check our writing before and after posting.

Many of our people did flee to your area while eluding the crushing takeover by Euro-Americans pushing into our property after first contact!


The biggest reason of all is the same one that I have been bringing to the limelight for years!

While checking to see what my visitor might have looked at before this one, you will see

a list of images

You will see many natives and non natives, some even in a ceremony.

What you will not see is an Eastern Woodland Native Ceremony from the East Coast of Indian Country?

Yes, while many of our ceremonies are Sacred Ceremonies (Sacred- a secret from wannabes holding phony ceremonies while trying to cash in on casino money), much of the Sacred Ceremony can and will be shown to the public.

So, bottom line, why no pictures?

While it is a fact that ‘what goes on in and around a circle such as a Naming Ceremony, cannot be filmed, the before and after can and is!

Just a few Two of the Clan Mothers, Yours truly with my father, group hub after wedding, yours truly with Tah (Donna), and tribe after ceremony.