Because of the distance between our people and the state of the questions, I must once again bore my friends/followers with a few facts in this posting?

Assuming of course anyone actually reads the posting?

Welcome Tucson Arizona (Twice)

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Matriarch in our Indigenous tribe


The Matriarch in our Indigenous tribe ( the Eastern Woodland American Native people) is the oldest female (Oldest in knowledge in culture, ceremonies and the tribe)

Be sure to also read,

Mohegan people (clans) origin?



Remember, the distance means many tribes with many different ceremonies.


Tribes that are not of a Matriarch Society might not have a Matriarch and therefore they might not have “Clan Mothers?”

This is the ways of the ancestors of every gathering of any tribe south of Canada, North of North Carolina, West of the Atlantic ocean and East of the Mississippi river this I and my elders have been blessed to visit.

This in not written in stone because we have been to gathering outside of this area with a Matriarch and Clan Mothers.


Today’s tribes are so milted down in the area and so confused because “Money Talks” that even in this area only Kiehtan knows what it is that they believe in?

The best advise one can now give you is to ask an elder before you travel to a gathering?

As for the 2nd person from

Tucson Arizona

Looking for information about

Mary Uncas?

There were four Mary Uncas,

two were Head Clan Mothers


While checking to see how you made out on the internet we see that it now only shows two?

This might be because of the confusion if the “Royal Family” was actually found now in history?

At this time the Royal  family wishes to be staying the other two families.