Marco Rubio accused President Obama of treason

If you are not good enough to compete with them

“Trump Them!”

“It’s now abundantly clear,” the Florida senator declared, that “Barack Obama has deliberately weakened America.”

The president, Rubio continued, wants to “humble” the United States because he believes “our power has done more harm than good.”

Essentially, Obama hates America and is working to bring it down.

Why is Rubio accusing Obama of purposely sabotaging America’s well-being?

It probably has less to do with Rubio’s analysis of international politics than with his analysis of Republican primary politics.

Basically, he’s been Trumped.

Do we need a refresher course in what happened to a sailor that accuses the captain of the ship in times of war?

It is called “Mutiny!”

And the accuser goes immediately to jail!

The Florida senator’s fiery rhetoric is an acknowledgement that today’s GOP is Donald Trump’s party.