Joining Your Family’s

This, in a nut shell my friends, is what I have been writing about ever since “Grammar School (5th Grade)!”

Joining Your Family’s Native American Tribe

01/05/2016 2:59 pm EST

Please, take a good look at this 2010 census

by this government for a few moments?



How many of you actually buy (Believe) this map?

This map and our government are telling you that for centuries, before ‘First Contact’ up to and beyond.

That there was “No” or few tribes of the people of this land at ‘First Contact’ and beyond, from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mississippi River?


Was the land polluted or loaded with ‘Demon’?

No, this land was very hospitable for many tribes at First Contact, and not all of us were displaced, assimilated or murdered by the invaders!

I, my elders, (ancestors) also, have some serious, confusing, questions, about ‘all of these’ 2010 “(reservations)” up and down the East Coast?

In the 40s and 50s I wrote many school book-reports about my people.

I wrote a homework report for finals in 5th grade.

Another in 8th grade (Jr. High)

and still another for my finals in 12th grade for graduation from high school.

In those papers, improved as I aged, were personal accounts by many of my elders, articles from the Uncasville Town Hall, the Norwich Public Library, Norwich Town hall and Norwich Newspapers also from Newspapers Town Halls, and Library in New London Connecticut and every library in the area, whenever I could hitch a ride if I could not get there on bicycle.

Not according to this and many other articles written in the last few years by this government and “Indian Nations?”

Is this just another form of ‘assimilation’?

Joining Your Family’s Native American Tribe

01/05/2016 2:59 pm EST

All of this was on my first computer (Dos) back in 1982,

Windows 95,

and then Windows 98 after I learned how to get it into a computer.

This information stayed out on the internet (Netscape) for years,

one might guess because there were

few computers,

no ‘eastern reservations’

and “no casinos!”

In 1999 for no reason while writing on my computer it (Crashed) just went blank on the computer in our office only, every other computer we owned at the time worked fine?

All of the information out on the internet also just disappeared?

Not that I am accusing anyone, things happen?




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  1. Dear Sachem,
    I have seen this or a very similar map showing population of Native Americans on (only since) “reservations”. Native language maps do a better job nowadays of representing the fact that NA peoples covered the entire span of this continent.


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