Florida Fish and Wildlife is giving a grant for $60,000 to build more reefs along Flagler Beach Shores.

New Reefs off Flagler Beach Florida


I am sure that not many of my followers have ever traveled route 1A to and through Flagler Beach in Volusia County Florida?


I am also sure that each of you have or should have a route 1A of your own?

Although this is a trip well worth taking if you want to see the ocean and her beauty because on your left you can also see the actions along the St Johns River.

However, this is not the only reason for this post today.

Let’s talk Wind, Solar and Waves after you see some of the sites?


Shores along Volusia county will soon get seven (7) more reef to go along with the two (2) already down and providing a home for fish and divers to enjoy.

Volusia officials thrilled with new reef additions.