Just for the hypnotized puppets of the Trump

The two Texas Twins are

George H. W. and George W. Bush past presidents.

President George H. W. Bush and the American people went to the aid of a smaller friendly country Kuwait.

Being attacked by a bully (President Saddam Hussein) and his Iraq Revolutionary Guard.

The only real problem was when President George H. W. Bush and General Colin Powell

stopped short of the victory leaving this bully

(President Saddam Hussein still in power)!

The free world learned this the hard way and he (President George H. W. Bush) lost the office of the president to President Bill Clinton.

It no longer matters how President George H. W. Bush’s son (President George W. Bush) landed in the seat of the office of the president.

However, it would seem from the start that he wanted to make amends for daddies mistakes.

911 seemed to be a real good reason to weed out the Taliban Terrorists in Afghanistan.

President George W. Bush decided to take a short cut by way of Iraqi?

Two wars in the same country after the first war, ended up leaving two countries

void of an army and a perfect place for the ISIS Terrorist to begin to bully the world!


all this time without President Barrack Obama and/or Secretary of State Hillary Clinton,

how does anyone with half a brain end up blaming them for ISIS?

In fact I believe the Secretary of State while George W. Bush was President George W. Bush, 43rd President (2001-2009),


Colin Powell 2001 to 2005




Condoleeza Rice. (2005 to 2009)?

Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State from


January 21st 2009 to February 1st 2013?