Naming Protocol

Welcome to Prescott Arizona


Welcome to Japan

Both looking for information about our culture/ceremonies as in naming?

Naming Ceremony Protocol

Why do we have a naming ceremony?


Native American naming ceremonies

Navajo naming ceremonies


Before we get started this one might be of greater help for you both?

Sachem Speaks

As always please remember, Arizona is some distance from our people over on the east coast with some different ceremonies in their culture and the Japanese culture also is much different, I am sure, from ours?

The question about the first-peoples culture and ceremonies keeps coming up a lot more often than in the past and I suspect that there are at least two definite reasons for this.

One is of course the internet and the ease in getting answers to questions.

The 2nd might be the amount of infusion of phony people running their, so called, powwows and gathering in a way to profit them from your Curiosity regarding the First-People of this land?

What one must always remember that, not counting a donation to help with expense setting up the gathering or the venders selling their wares, only native made wares, the gathering/powwow should be free and never a ceremony such as a “Sacred Naming Ceremony” within this gathering, Never!

It takes no less then ‘One Moon’ (1 month) before Kiehtan (Creator) will get back to your with a name provided all of the commitments to the ceremony are met?