Helping our veterans was a passion not a burden


Papa Chris Ward

Gary Kadow, Pastor Chris Ward, and Deb and Bob Peters pose for a photo on the day after Thanksgiving, a day spent worming with homeless people in the Ocala National Forest.

Papa Ward died Christmas day

Helping our veterans was a passion not a burden for Papa Ward.

The man who gave hope dies on the greatest day of hope

Long before there was a Project SOS, a veterans aid organization that, in part, helps homeless veterans living in the Ocala National Forest, there was Chris Ward.

The one-time Army Airborne Ranger, who became a minister after leaving the service, had been tromping across the pine needles and through the thickets of the forest looking for campgrounds where homeless veterans retreated to wrestle in solitude with the demons they brought back from the battlefield.

The word worming has a few definitions however, if you have been into the Ocala Forest lately you know the battles “Papa Ward” put up with everyday in order to help homeless veterans, blessing from Kiehtan to you “Papa” on your road to your well earned new home.


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