Breanna’s Christmas

Breanna’s Christmas

So this is the tree in the house thing?

What do you mean, “I am not a lap dog?”



2 thoughts on “Breanna’s Christmas

  1. Breanna is one lucky pup. I think she had as much fun as our granddaughter.
    We let her open one gift Christmas Eve — it was a big box of bandaids.
    She came downstairs Christmas morning and saw a new bicycle with training wheels, a helmet, a bell, and a satchel.
    Then the lightbulb went on and she said, “So, the bandaids were for me? You are expecting me to fall? Never!”
    And, so it goes.

    Happy and Healthy New Year!



    • Thank you Lemotue
      Happy and Healthy New Year back at ya!
      So, by now how many times has she needed to open her first gift?
      Breanna was so un-set because there was a tree in her house, first time we ever had an artificial tree and the jury is still out on that?
      Airedales do not like change!
      Our first two gifts from Santa to her had the head of the toy un-wrapped, then she got the idea and wanted ours also, after all her pets must obey!


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