This is sports as sports should be

I do not care what the name of the university is, just play ball.

I can still remember when?

As seem on WESH 2 News Sunrise Dish NETWORK!

Basketball Sophomores 6.4 Guard makes a basket?

Nothing so spectacular about this so far is there?

Well how about if this Sophomores 6.4 Guard player on a college team and the entire team and fans,

‘bust out in applauses and tears’?

Might be something spectacular about this?

First, a university sports team took into their fold this Basketball Sophomores?

Florida Gators Basketball Sophomores 6.4 Guard Zach Hodskins makes basket!

You see Sophomores Zach Hodskins was born with half of his left arm missing?

Zach Hodskins favorite basketball player is J.J. Redick, I along with many can understand this and I agree.

Zach Hodskins, great uncle played basketball at Indiana for Bob Knight.

How many teammates would do as his team mates did?

How many fans, both teams, would applauses in tears?

Show of hands, how many of you think that his great uncle would have been taken into the fold under Coach Knight or any other coach with half of his arm missing?

Now, think about these new age coaches in sports, playing, shall we say, questionable “kids!”

Rape, murder, beatings and stealing means nothing today standing next to “Winning a Game!”

I cannot say players or teammates or sports fans because both coach and immature child play for themselves!

It’s a game people?