Native boy to man ceremony

Native boy to man ceremony

Welcome Camarillo California

To one of our posting about our people.

Ceremony to become a native man?

Most of our ceremonies are pretty simple, a prayer to please Kiehtan (Creator).

This one is different.

Thank you for your visit and question because this site has some interesting teaching being lost to the younger people.

Also my friend, remember that your land and our land are quite a distance apart with hundreds of tribes in-between so culture can change some from coast to coast.

That said, our ancestors took great pains with the blessings from Kiehtan, to make this something special to the boy, his family, friends and neighbors, because it (Gwaitoko), only happens once?


Girl to woman ceremony (Gwaitoko), is along the same blessing from Kiehtan.

Remembering that (Religion in Indian country) is Fear (Love and Obey) Creator!

As soon as a boy or girl in the culture in our tribe turns thirteen, a Four Corner ceremony in a sacred circle and then they are excepted by Kiehtan as a man.

It is important to also remember that Kiehtan has been teaching spiritual people for many years to become a Medicine man or woman and this is a very sacred ceremony that only a Kiehtan chosen has a right, nay a duty to do for Kiehtans people!

So, if you are seeing or anyone tells you that he is a Medicine man other than by accident, he is not a Native American Medicine Man from an East Coast Tribe, this goes against Creators blessings!


3 thoughts on “Native boy to man ceremony

  1. I would think that becoming a Medicine Man would be a very special choice made by Kiehtan. That would indeed be a special right and privilege. No one could just “become” a Medicine Man.


    • Gypsy Bev
      I am not sure if you know the “Bag of Worms,” that you just dug up?
      But thank-you for doing so my long time good friend.
      In the last 20 years or so ‘so called’ medicine men & medicine women, notice my use of small “M’s” ?
      Have been showing up in most if not all powwows and gatherings year after year after year with little or no training and ‘No Blessings’ from Kiehtan, while looking so prim and pompous, makes any real true traditional Native American want to just throw up their hands discussed, What’s the use!”

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