I agree with Bernie Sanders?

Bernie, please see a doctor and check your blood pressure?

A pink face every time you speak cannot be a good sign?

Bernie Sanders had an Epiphany today?

ISIS and Terrorist are not our only problems in this country, also there are many other terrorist groups besides ISIL!

I agree Bernie.

I know, I know, this just does not happen very often!


Well, Bernie Sanders you have been in the political arena for over 34 years!


How long has this country been out-sourcing our American factories, manufacturing and our small business?

A little over 34 years!

How long has the American public had to buy low quality, inferior, products at high quality pricing?

A little over 34 years!

Bernie, you are a big part of the problem

and a only a little part of the solution!

Anyone can add their name to someone else’s bill?

And now after 35 years you want to fix your problems?


Bernie Sanders had an Epiphany?

In other words he is catching up with mainstream Democrats.

Bernie’s great Epiphany?

ISIS is a big problem, so is terrorist, so is poverty, so is unemployment so is education, so is healthcare, so is the need to protect American families?

If I might interject one more Bernie?

So is your

“Do Nothing Congress!”

How long has this country been overrun

by our workers and veterans now homeless and poor?

A little over 34 years!

I still think that I will be voting for

“Madam President!”

Yes, Hillary Clinton has been in a government position for some time.

The major difference between her, Bernie Sanders and all of the republican candidates is, her proven record and the facts!

She has been in many different possessions allowing her to become qualified in many necessary items that will be coming up in the next 8 years, plus her constant tenacious record towards working

“For the People!”


“Inspire of the People!”

Biography of Hillary Clinton