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What is the meaning of the circle of life

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Native American circle of life meaning


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What is the meaning of the circle of life?

This time as in many questions asked to my people over the internet, the blessings run both ways!

My people are proud to be sharing our people, places and ancestors with you and you have shared your people, places and ancestors with our people.

The love of my life, she came from California, tells me that your area is a beautiful place.

And we both agree that it must have been an even prettier place for your ancestors before first contact, as with our people before first contact.

So who is teaching who?

Thank- you for the knowledge on this website!

About Rancho Santa Margarita

Where schools, shopping centers and residential neighborhoods now stand, Native Americans once lived.

On July 23, 1769, they were visited by a Spanish expedition under Captain Gaspar de Portola, who camped near the site of Tijeras Creek Golf Course in Rancho Santa Margarita


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of the Mohiigan People 

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