I do not hate Muslims?

I think that all of my friends and followers would agree?

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House to bar people from Iraq, Iran, Syria and Sudan

December 11, 2015December 11, 2015 / sachemspeaks


I wrote about Citizens of the United States of America and free people of the world?

I just pointed out that in this country if you are a witness to a crime, you are guilty of an accessory to that crime and each crime thereafter if you know the perpetrator and do not point a finger at this perpetrator!

I do not care if you are a Native American, Muslin, Christian, Jew, or what you believe or do not believe in, you are a citizen of this country, to be free and stay free it is your responsibility as a citizen to report that crime!

If you spot a know criminal coming into your county, same thing, you must report this to the proper authority’s.

Today two teenagers stole from a few vehicles and their mother found out.

She reporter this to the proper authority’s and made them take the stolen property back and apologize.

Is she wrong?

I’ll bet that her children will think twice the next time they come across a few unlocked vehicles?