House to bar people from Iraq, Iran, Syria and Sudan

What about a ban on all humans with no regard to religion or even no religion, coming into this country without a visa from any country not actively fighting against


There are a minimum of 25 countries to the world with ISIS Strong Holes in them, we must keep and eye on them all and then some?

U.S. House bill to bar people from Iraq, Iran, Syria and Sudan without Visas

What about a look see into Pakistan and Saudi Arabia?

This is two countries that this last couple of mass assault murders came from and went too?

Two so called, “Friendly Countries?”

Both harboring Isis members and both countries not allowing the free world in to help them remove the terrorists?

In other words,

“Stop your whining in the media!”

Because people are picking on you while you are just sitting on your lazy butts using religion as an excuse to your

“Not standing up in the media against Terrorists!”

If you are a citizen (member) of a country in the ‘Free World,’

or a country fighting against terrorist,

you must stand and say so?

If you do not, you are feeding their beliefs in your country.

There are an estimated

5-7 million Muslims in the United States in America

and maybe 1% are speaking out against ISIS?

99% speak out in the media

when being questions about terrorist!

This is why people like ‘the Donald’ make points with the people!

The House passed legislation on Tuesday that would bar those from Iraq, Syria, Iran and Sudan from traveling to the United States without a visa.

The legislation passed with an overwhelming vote of 407 to 19.

CNN reports it would overhaul the federal visa waiver program and would also bar people who have visited those countries in the last five years.

House Democrat Rep. Steny Hoyer of Maryland said he worked closely with GOP leaders on the visa waiver bill and that the measure said it was “reasonable” and “measured” plan. He said it is unlike Donald Trump’s call for a ban on all Muslims from entering the U.S.

Donald Trump’s call to ban Muslims

On Monday, Donald Trump issued a press release wherein he called to “ban all Muslims until we can figure out what’s going on.”

In a CNN interview with Donald Trump Tuesday, host Chris Cuomo asked how Trump would respond to leaders of his own party all saying Trump’s statement is “un-American and extreme and that it makes you a fascist.”


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