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We are in a village (Uncasvillage) inside of Uncasville, inside of Montville, inside of Connecticut.

We are now retired to Florida


I am now using Windows 10 and so far windows 8 and 8.1 have not caught up with it so I do not know your town or city?

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of the Mohiigan People 

(Maïngan – Yáw – Wolf-People).

Shechaim Ohjieshan (Sachem Walkingfox)


8 thoughts on “Uncasville

  1. Have you had problems with Windows 10? I was not able to load it to my computer, even though my computer is only 14 months old, has loads of unused memory, and is 8.1. The information, as they would say if “they” exist, did not compute.
    Your map is very interesting to me. I was aware that your journey began in the north, but thought it was New York for some reason — Hudson Valley maybe? It’s been 55 years since I opened a history book though, only reading historical fiction lately, and with MS eating away my brain cells, I’m even wondering what day it is most of the time. The map is well drawn for one so old, but I am so happy to see it has been treasured, and taken care of for future generations. It pains me to see things being tossed aside when they are a season old, because they are no longer “in style”, and I guess I am either a slob, or a trend setter, because my everything comes from the nearest thrift store, where some items still have the original manufacturers tag on them and are still in the original packaging. Sad situation when things become obsolete days after they are put on the market, so next year’s look can take over.
    Take care my friend. The best to you and Donna.


    • We are not all that poor and in donnas past life not even close to being poor however, she would rather travel the Good Well Stores then most anything else, great bargains plus you get to help others?
      So far for me windows 10 is the very best on the market?
      I do not know why you, coming from window 8.1 are having problems?
      As for the map, my grandfather and his father did the work on it and my father put color to it?
      Not so hard to do because they fished those rivers for most of their lives.
      Donna is on her way to recovery thank you for asking my friend!

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      • So happy to hear about Donna. I am not on the computer so much lately, but think about you both frequently as the winds blow around my windows here. I am hearing voices from the past now, calling me home, but still I fight them, not so much because I don’t want to follow that path, but because my kids have lost too many people this year. I don’t know if they could survive another loss in their lives during this calendar year, so I am hanging on for now. But oh, how i long to set my feet on that rainbow path. I can feel my body letting go, but the spirits are fighting it, and just won’t allow it.
        I have received good news about my own financial situation, and that has improved, and is much better than before, but I don’t welcome the money. My friends and I work on a barter system here, trading our talents for things we need to get along each day, and money has never made me happy. I do love the Goodwill store though, most of the items there still have the original tags on them, and are in perfect condition, never used. To me it is shameful for the person who buys and throws it away, but good for the one who benefits from the careless one who is the offender.
        Not sure why I have problems with Windows 10, but it could be I was trying before moving down to this apartment. Maybe from this end it would work with the new telephone system hooked up and working. Still had dial up in the old place, and that was too slow for anything to work. I need my brain working well before I tackle anything again though.
        For now my friend, I have to lie down and get my head cleared up. It spins so much now and dizziness lasts for hours. My best to you both during his happy season.


      • Angie
        Yes, I believe that dial-up and windows 10 will not get along well however, the puzzle thing is that you said that you had windows 8.1?
        So 10 should work.
        In 1985, 86 I lost so many family, friends and neighbors that I was starting to think that life as I knew it was over, look at my life today my friend? 🙂
        So, whatever your God wants for your is always the right thing and blessings will always come when needed?
        I only wish that we lived closed my friend?

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      • I wish we lived closer also Sachem. I think you and Donna would be very comforting to talk with.
        I am leaving everything in my God’s hands, and remaining prepared for whatever the future holds in store for me. The MS is worse, but I have known this for several years, and I am okay with it. Having a young grandson take his own life during the summer hit me very hard, and all else, while expected eventually, still came as unexpected shocks. My husband went the best way for him, in his sleep without being ill, and if I had my way, that is the way I would choose, but we never get to choose our way out of this world into the next one. I think the journey will be exciting, and I’ve had glimpses of the way before, but have been pulled back each time by well meaning medical people. Now I have papers stating that no one is to attempt to hold me to this earth again, but to let me go when this happens the next time. The way is lovely, the light is bright and the smell of the earth and all that grows wild is so wonderful, I want to experience it again, and remain there.
        Donna sent me a message today, and I so appreciate that. I’ve been out with friends all day, and tonight will sleep, unless I don’t. It’s all the same now, I am able to sleep or wake at all times of day or night, and don’t really notice what time it is at any given time, so that is one great thing about being here, not having to worry about anything now.
        I am so happy to have you for a friend, and wish only that we could meet and speak together face to face for a day or a week, because you have so much wisdom from so many lives before you. My race doesn’t seem to share the wisdom of the elders, or the respect for the elders that yours does. It is so sad, because we are the losers.


    • Sorry my friend (GP) I have been working in my shed all day and did not get on the computer until now.
      I took her out to eat after the hospital and was also busy trying to keep her comfortable.
      She is better however, still a little on the recovery side of healthy.
      She might be on Facebook, has a headache so?
      Give it a try write to her?
      As for that site, I always wonder about any site stating Native, while using government terms like Chamber?
      Is it new?


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