Brevard County wants leaders to take more action?

An Analysis of Amendment One

Protect our water!

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In Florida, one house speaker in just as bad for our state as the last, if not worse!


More than 100 environmental groups, activist and business in Brevard County want the state leaders to take a more action to protect our water resources.

Gathered outside of Republican House Speakers Steve Crisafulli to protect our water resources.

Florida’s water was House Speaker Crisafulli’s top priority; now it waits

That bill “would radically change water policy in Florida in so many harmful ways that I can’t even fathom all the repercussions,” said Young, who runs the Clean Water Network.

As Crisafulli’s top priority, House Bill 7003, the water policy rewrite sponsored by Caldwell, was the first bill to pass the House this year. It cleared the lower chamber in early March with a 106-9 vote — but that’s as far as it went. The Senate had its own water bill that differed from the House version. Both fell victim to the early adjournment on April 28.

That was fine with Estus Whitfield of the Florida Conservation Coalition, which in 2012 delivered to Tallahassee a petition, signed by more than 15,000 people, demanding swift action in restoring the state’s ailing springs — a petition that the Legislature has largely ignored.

Remember Amendment #1?

Environmental groups go to court over Amendment 1

Environmental groups file suit over Amendment 1 spending


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