Blue Rhino Settlement is a Joke

OSHA: Blue Rhino agrees on settlement of $52,000 fine

Fire occurred July 2013

Every Gas Service Technician worth his/her salt is shouting,



So who paid off who?

For such a ‘pittance of a penalty’?

A $52,000 fine is less than a little slap on the wrist when you look at just what did happen, what could have happened, and why it did happen!


It was no little fire, it was an explosion which then caused a massive fire?

If you can smell, let alone see the fog of gas (chemical put into gas for smell), it is a danger, how much fog or how bad the smell equals how bad the explosion!

A switch, a phone, a car, truck, or plug not explosion proof and “PUFF”

Or in this case a non explosion proof Fork-Life” up goes the plant!

Speaking from experience, the least experienced and lowest paid employed gets the dirty jobs, qualified or not!

This is one of the busiest corners in all of Leesburg/Tavares Florida!


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