The Story of the Teardrop


Welcome Lanham Maryland

Lanham Maryland

To our Dream-Catcher?

Because of my health, we, Tah and I, have not been able to travel to and through your state for quite some time however, I remember it well.

Our people did just that long ago, they did travel.

Maryland is a little walk from our people to your state my friend however, back in the days of this teardrop (Dream-Catcher), our people and the great tribe of the Delaware, did travel with dugouts throughout the many streams and waterways like the Delaware River, so it is possible that tribes around your area also used this gift from Spider Women to ward off the Trickster (powwow) and the evil spirits.

Pleased do not be fooled by the many types of ‘dream-catchers’ now being sold at powwows, gatherings and over the internet because, as I have noted before, a good 85% of them are machine made overseas and are useless for the purpose that teardrops were meant to be for?


Aquine (Peace) my friend

Shechaim Ohjieshan Walkingfox