Leaving trash out in central Florida $100.00 fine

Leaders consider new rules to prevent bear encounters in Seminole County

Dec 08, 2015

WESH TV NEWS on channel 2 Dish.

Well it looks like our governor and the officials in our fish & wildlife have casher their checks and none bounced!

So now they are going to collect from the real Florida Wild-Life in Florida!

The lazy, inconsiderate, good for nothing Floridians that cost over 300 of our beloved Black Bears to be killed needlessly and every day since this horrible hunt, Black Bear Cubs are wondering into our roadways looking for their mommy’s and/or food, and found dead on the side of the road!


The State of Florida has been selling all the food of the black bears for years and now the bears are coming into towns looking for anything to eat?

Is this a crime of the black bear or of our Florida Government Officials?


I am no bear expert however, I believe that the bear jumping on a test container in this video is a Grizzly Bear?

The test tonight at the meeting will be who is going to pay our officials the most money, the lazy, inconsiderate, good for nothing Floridians still leaving their trash unprotected or the Trash Container Company, because of the extra man-power to actually get out of the truck to un-lock the new containers?

Older media warnings to Floridians.