Senator Marco Rubio is right

What he said after our presidents speech last night was correct

“that this speech will change nothing!”

Rubio stumbled onto the truth without even noticing it.

Talk about once again opening his mouth before putting his brain in gear!

Our forefathers in their infinite wisdom have put together checks and balances so that no president can become a dictator or king?

In case you have never seen it Marco,

it is called “The Constitution of the United States of America!”


Within this document it is plainly written that “You” and the rest of the Congress of the United States of America, must do more for this country then sit on you butts and whining and crying day and night or run around the country looking for “Super Pack Money!

It is the job of congress to make laws for the president and our country to follow, not for the congress to force our president into writing laws needed to help dig this country out of your past presidents multiple wars!

Senator Marco Rubio?

I am having a lot of trouble with your statement and could use a clearer explanation as to just what it was that you were talking about?

Are you saying that our president should, as with our past president, tell bold face lies and blindly sent our young men and women into two more wars just so your super pack buddies can make more “WAR MONEY?”

More of the presidents speech.

Here at home, we can do more together to immediately address this challenge.

To start,

Step 1- “Congress should act to make sure that no one on a No Fly List is able to buy a gun.

What possible argument can be made for allowing a terrorist suspect to buy a semi-automatic weapon?

This is a matter of national security. I know there are some who reject any gun safety measure, but no matter how effective our intelligence and law enforcement agencies, we cannot identify every would-be mass shooter. What we can do, and must do, is make it harder for them to kill”.

Step 2- “We should put in place stronger screening for those who come to America without a visa so that we can know if they’ve traveled to war zones”.

And finally,

Step 3 if Congress believes, as I do, that we are at war with ISIL, then it should vote to authorize the continued use of military force against these terrorists.

We should not be drawn once again into a long and costly ground war in Iraq or Syria.

That’s what groups like ISIL want.

We also cannot turn against one another by letting this fight become a war between America and Islam.

That, too, is what groups like ISIL want. ISIL does not speak for Islam.

They are thugs and killers, and account for a tiny fraction of more than a billion Muslims around the world who reject their hateful ideology.

If we are to succeed in defeating terrorism, we must enlist Muslim communities as our strongest allies in rooting out misguided ideas that lead to radicalization.

It is the responsibility of all Americans — of every faith — to reject discrimination.

It is our responsibility to reject religious tests on who we admit into this country.